Our Team

Youna Song
Statistics and Machine Learning, 2021

Youna is a senior Stat/ML major minoring in CS and sociology. She is from Irvine, CA but Pennsylvania is now the fifth state she calls home. She is especially interested in machine learning applied to language processing and healthcare technology. Outside of classes, you might find her attending concerts, on the slopes, getting lost in a book, or probably just under a pile of blankets.

Xuanye Li
Vice President
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2022

Xuan is a junior in ECE from the Philippines. He likes cooking, and is saddened by the lack of proper seafood in Pittsburgh. He also still doesn't know how long a yard is, and often questions why America does not use the metric system. At night, you can most certainly find him in Gates cramming a coding assignment, even though he's a TA for a CS class.

David Kim
Marketing Director
Biological Sciences (Clarinet Performance minor), 2021

David is a senior in Biological Sciences. Hailing from Rochester, NY, he has had a LOT of experience with Pittsburgh-esque weather. He enjoys writing and practicing clarinet in his free time, and you can often find him in a practice room in CFA.

Melissa Yang
Stats and Machine Learning (minor in IDeATe), 2022

Melissa is a junior in CIT, born in Edison, NJ and raised in Montgomery, NJ. Her hobbies include photography, baking, playing league, and watching anime. The thing she misses most from home is the fresh country air and home-cooked meals from her mom.

Shrila Senthil
Design Chair/Webmaster, 2022
Cognitive Science (HCI minor), 2022

Shrila is a junior Cognitive Science major from San Jose, CA. She loves playing the ukulele, painting, and watching trashy movies/reality TV with her friends. She's arguably nocturnal, and has definitely napped in one too many buildings on campus.

Anmol Surpur
Mentorship Director
Biology Major (Biomedical Engineering minor), 2022

Anmol is a junior majoring in the Biological Sciences with a minor in Biomedical Engineering from New Jersey, about 10 minutes away from NYC. She loves throwback Disney shows, exploring new restaurants, playing badminton, and cuddling with her dog Benji!

Gram Liu
Events Coordinator
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2023

Gram is a sophomore in ECE from the Philippines. He loves (almost all) food, bad jokes, and geeking out to anything from Green Lantern comics to black holes. His hobbies include playing video games, watching anime, and learning new things.

Cassia Williams-Rogers
Biological Sciences, 2023

Cassia is a sophomore bio major from Chevy Chase, MD. When she's not out on the field with the ultimate frisbee team or playing with her dog, Orfeo, she enjoys drawing, softball, and practicing piano in her free time.

Arvind Nachiappan
External Relations Director
Statistics and Machine Learning, 2022

Arvind is a junior studying Stat/Ml and is from Fairfax, Virginia. During his free time, Arvind likes discovering new music, exploring Pittsburgh, and binging Netflix shows. He also enjoys playing various video games, and testing his friendships through intense sessions of Overcooked.

Iris Pan
Events Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, 2023

Iris is a sophomore in CIT from Atlanta, GA where she has lived her entire life before coming to CMU. She is terrified of the cold weather here and misses mild winters. At night, you will likely find her hiding from the cold under a heated blanket watching a movie or reading a book. Her hobbies include horseback riding and ceramics, and loves to teach these things back home.