Our Team

Kobe Zhang
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2024

Kobe is a senior in ECE from Boulder, Colorado. Similar to Kawhi Leonard, Kobe is a self proclaimed "fun guy ahhahaa". He is a big Sci-Fi fan and the Interstellar wave scene still lives in his head rent free. During his freetime, you can catch him playing video games with friends or playing sand volleyball because he watched one too many episodes of Haikyuu.

Joanna Lumanas
Vice President
Biology/Neuroscience, 2025

Joanna is a junior studying bio/neuroscience in MCS. They're from Westchester, NY and is Filipino :) She has constant boba withdrawals and loves chilling and watching movies with friends.

Andrew Chong
Electrical and Computer Engineering + Minor in Robotics, 2024

Andrew is a senior from California studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. Outside of class, he likes to be out in nature to watch the squirrels, relax at home and watch squirrel videos or simply listen to music, such as the hit classic: Gray Squirrel by the Learning Station.

Katelyn Zheng
Information Systems, 2025

Katelyn is a junior in IS from Long Island, NY. She is an avid foodie, a history buff and a tennis player. She loves cooking, reading, and watercolor painting in her free time.

Ellia Yang
Marketing Director
Computer Science, 2025

Ellia is a junior in CS with an additional major in Human-Computer Interaction. She is from Buffalo, NY and loves finding new places to eat in Pittsburgh. She also loves watching kdramas and making excessively long Spotify playlists.

Maggie Gong
Events Coordinator
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2026

Maggie is a sophomore from Vancouver! She is a big musical fan, and Hamilton has always been her favourite. In her free time, she also loves hiking, skiing, exploring food and playing video games.

Sandra You
Events Coordinator
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2026

Sandra is a sophomore from Texas studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. She plays tennis, and likes watching anime and Gaming (capital G).

Lillian Mei
Mentorship Director
Environmental Engineering, 2024

Lillian is a senior majoring in Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy. She is from Cary, North Carolina but was born in Arkansas and has also lived in Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, and now Pennsylvania. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, crocheting, playing board games, and exploring food/boba places. She also teaches a StuCo about hand lettering and calligraphy!

Athena Dai
Design Chair
Stat/ML, 2023+

Athena is a senior studying Stat/ML and from San Jose, California! In her spare time, she likes to draw, listen to Spotify, and watch lots of sitcoms on Netflix (shoutout to Community, Brooklyn99, and Parks and Rec :DD). She also has a crippling addiction to growing succulents and will use the :')) emoji in almost every text. She's also randomly interested in architecture, so if you hang out with her, you will probably witness her pointing at every other building and calling it pretty :>

William Wang
External Relations Chair
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2025

William is a junior in ECE from Hsinchu, Taiwan and moved to Austin, Texas during high school. He is on the CMU Men's tennis team and really enjoys sleeping and eating. William has a special interest in eating a lot of food while binge-watching netflix when stressed. Finally, William is the typical asian that has played the piano for his whole life.